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Little Lighthouse!

Last Friday we had Mrs Mackay in our school helping us build circuits! We all had such a great time and learned a lot about batteries and all the other components of a circuit.

We made circuits that gave us light, sound and movement and what’s even more exciting, is that we got a whole tray full of resources to use and learn more about electricity!

Thank you Mrs Mackay! We loved your visit to our school! 🙂

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Excited Scientists!!

Primary 1-4 have been learning about chemical reactions! Last week, they mixed baking soda and vinegar! Guess what happened next??

Well, foam was created and on top of that, carbon dioxide was released!! To prove that, we  put a balloon on top of a plastic bottle while the chemical reaction was happening and the gas that was released blew the balloon up!!!

Just look how concentrated and excited our wee scientists are!! 🙂

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Hogwarts and Hard Work!


This week P5s to 7s have been working hard.

On Wednesday we had Miss Kouk in the morning we did maths then after break we had spelling and reading.

Elyse is now talking, “on Wednesday I got a new book, it was about two girls loving the same boy. I feel very surprised about the book but I am enjoying it.”

Yesterday (Thursday) we did some maths in the morning till break I think, then spelling till our early lunch. We got to play outside then we got our swimming stuff and we walked – in the rain – to the Leisure Centre went swimming then we walked back.

Today (Friday) we have so far done SODA (start of day activity), most of us did VCOP activities. In numeracy we did a thing called the 99 club it is really fun.Then we did a maths sheet to learn our times tables. We also learned how to play times table ping-pong! At break most of my class played sharks and fishes.

For our picture this week look at our Hogwarts chalk picture display.DSC00011

So that’s what we did this week we will have another report next week.

From Martha

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Eco Committee Meeting

Here are the minutes of our first Eco Committee meeting of this term.

We will post pictures of our completed and relocated garden soon.

Minutes 15.09.17


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Back to School

So far so good at Bishop Eden’s.

Our primary ones have finally joined us in their new p1,2,3,4 class, taught by Mrs Ross. Their bright and colourful classroom makes learning fun and enjoyable for everyone.

All the P5,6,7s are getting on great.  Having a quiet area has really encouraged all of them to read more. It has been made cosy by donations of cushions from the Cathedral congregation.


The P4/5/6/7s have already started their swimming on every Thursday afternoon. We really think that swimming is important because it keeps us all fit, healthy and safe. All of the school is trying their very best to get as many house point as they can for their houses – Lochy ,Ness and Oich.

House points are only rewarded for good behaviour, working hard and trying our very best.

Look out next week as we show our science and design and technology skills!

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School Improvement Plan

BE SIP June 17

Please find attached the school improvement plan for this session.  We already underway with many of our actions.

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Science experts!

Our focus on science this term is on materials. Kids enjoyed playing a variety of games while learning about materials and their properties. You can find the links of those games below! Enjoy! 🙂



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Busy week at P1-4!

We’ve been incredibly busy this week learning about materials that are waterproof, doing lots of number work and learning the story of Jonah and the whale!!

” I enjoyed doing science and playing in the playground with my friends.” Connor, P1

” I liked the experiment we did and enjoyed doing subtractions for my maths.” Oliver, P2

” I had lots of fun playing football in the playground and enjoyed the writing activity we did for Katie Morag.” Sam, P4


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                Back to school!!

We’re all back after our summer holidays and really looking forward to all the exciting things we’ll be doing this term! 🙂 

‘I enjoy doing number work and I have made many friends!’ Kaitlin, P1

‘I am enjoying school because we get to do fun work! I also do work on improving my words and numbers.’ Oliver, P2

‘I like school because I get to see my best friends and play fun games.’ Caileen, P2

‘I really like going outside with my friends at the playground and playing spelling games in the classroom.’ Amelia, P3

‘I like going to the school because I can play with my friends.’ Anthony, P4

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