Staffing for 2018/19

Head Teacher – Mrs B Rodgers

Class Teachers

P1/2/3/4- Mrs D Ross
P5/6/7 – Mrs J Strange & Mrs J Macleod

Support for Learning Teacher – Mrs J Macleod (Thur)

Support Staff
Mrs J Tarr (Pupil Support Assistant Numeracy)

Mrs F Craighead (Pupil Support Assistant Literacy)

Mrs E Gribben  (Pupil Support Assistant ASN)

Mrs A MacDougall (Pupil Support Assistant ASN)

Mrs Cameron (Children’s Service Worker CSW)

Clerical Assistant – Mrs King

Catering Assistant – Mrs MacRae

Cleaner –  Gina

FMA – Mr McDaid (shared with St Joseph’s Primary)



9 Responses to Staff

  1. Tommy says:

    Staff are the best.

  2. abbie says:

    aloha staff you are the best people ever

  3. iona says:

    Thank you to all the teachers that planed the trip your great . You deserve a great big……..

  4. Rachael says:

    Hello staff, how r u?? 🙂

  5. kyrena says:

    saff at bp is the best

  6. crazy kyrena says:

    i love the staff im so sad to be leaving them in 4 days 😦

  7. keiron pearce says:

    hi everybody i miss the school so much #sad:-(

  8. Martha says:

    Hi staff!

  9. Martha says:

    I miss you mrs Mackenzie same with you mrs macDougall

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